About R.Cornall & Sons Wood Turning, Timber Mouldings and Timber Manufacturers

In our 90 years of woodturning and timber manufacturing experience, we have always prided ourselves on our attention to detail, quality of work and our ability to service anyone from the largest timber merchants and furniture manufacturers, through to owner builders and woodworking enthusiasts.

Our client base is both wide and varied, and we service the following industries and trades;

  • Timber merchants

  • Architects

  • Furniture manufacturers

  • Heritage consultants

  • Shopfitters

  • Timber Mouldings

  • Staircase builders

  • Builders-commercial and residential

  • Kitchen and cabinet makers

  • Interior and architectural designers

  • Furniture and industrial designers

  • Tool makers

And many more ...

We have been owned and operated by Mathews Timber Pty Ltd since 1981. This enables us to supply over 60 timber species, both from within Australia and around the world, that have been supplied from best practice and responsibly managed forestry sources.

Our Timber Wood Turning History

From humble beginnings as a one man woodturning operation established in 1928. R.Cornall & Son grew quickly into one of the largest wood turning and timber manufacturing operations in the southern hemisphere.

Purchasing cabriole leg makers R.J Hutchens of Northcote, as well as Mitchell’s brushes, we became too large for our Collingwood factory and moved into larger premises in North Fitzroy.

We continued to operate from the until fire destroyed the factory in 1977.

The business was then expanded, and a larger factory built in Plateau Road Reservoir. Mathews timber Pty Ltd purchased half the business in July 1979, with the other half purchased in November 1981.

Our Timber Mouldings and Manufacturing Services

For 90 years we have prided ourselves on being able to manufacture anything that can be done with timber

Some of the services that we provide include;

  • moulding

  • sanding

  • doweling

  • laminating

  • cnc routing

  • turning

  • docking

  • carving

  • drilling

  • routing

  • spraying

  • custom matching

  • planing

  • heritage overlays

  • shaping

  • treatment